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CEO Remarks

Greetings everyone

Cheminex started out as a food additive manufacturer in 2004 in connection with food safety and sanitation. As a research and development-oriented company, Cheminex strives to develop and apply useful new materials such as raw materials, cosmetics and other materials as well as food materials through continuous research and development and technological innovation. 

Hopefully, Cheminex will create a new paradigm for the development of the Korean food industry and will continue with efforts to be a trustworthy company that fulfills its social responsibilities and grows together with our customers as one big family. 

Cheminex will continue to do our best to live up to our customers' expectations with the attitude of research and development. 

Thank you.


CEO Joo-in Kim


2004MarFounded Cheminex (PIC 50,000 USD)
AprLicense of food additive manufacturing by FDA Korea, Kyung-ki province
License of food Import by FDA Korea, Seoul
OctExclusive distributor of PureCircle (Stevia products), Malaysia
DecPIC raise to USD 300K
AprEstablished affiliate - MIC
FebEstablished affiliate - DBS pharm
DecExclusive distributor of SAMSUNG Fine Chemicals (HPMC/MC), Korea
AprExclusive distributor of Campus (Meat processing ingredients), Italy
Exclusive distributor of TCI (Plant based omega 3/6), USA
JulExclusive distributor CFI (Hifat, Oil powder), Malaysia
AugExclusive distributor Sotexpro (Pea flake, Pea protein, Pea Powder), France

About Us

Cheminex, which started as a food and sanitation safety field in 2004, is growing as a company that supplies food additives.
In addition to natural extract sweeteners, we also supply a number of products for food manufacturing, including numerous large enterprises.
The main product is stevia extract sweetener and other additives related to the texture, taste and color of food.

To address the inquiries of many customers and the challenges they face, we are consulting to find solutions through product development and research, and we are also setting the stage for better product delivery to our customers. With such efforts, the nation has many domestic and foreign clients, including CJ, Nong-shim, Samyang and SPC the companies that lead the country's food products.

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